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The story of WhiskySafe

Welcome to WhiskySafe! We’re a group of friends who want to bring whisky and NFT together. Join us on Discord and be welcomed into the WhiskySafe family, all whilst enjoying our many bars where you can talk and learn more about all kinds of stuff. Enjoy the whisky and NFT world and help our community take this project to the next level!


Preview the NFTs

Why WhiskySafe?

Our own bottle collection is safely stored in a vault (aka SAFE) somewhere in the Netherlands and we thought: “Why not create a safe for whisky in the NFT world?”. So, here we are! With our NFTs we want to create a community in which we can share the passion and preserve the long standing tradition of collecting whisky. Join us on this amazing journey!

Actual value

Our NFTs are not only works of art in different shapes and sizes, but they also represent real value. Take a look at our roadmap for:

Online whisky tastings

Whisky related items and events

One-on-one mentoring in the world of crypto, real estate and whisky

checkout our Roadmap

how to


Get your whitelist spot

Join our Discord and ensure your spot on the white list. You'll want to be the first to mint.

Start mint

Minting is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. To make sure this applies to everyone, we use Delayed Reveal during our minting process.

Enjoy your NFT

Most NFTs are considered to be pieces of art. Our NTFs provide actual value.


Our team

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what the faq?

Common questions

Who is part of your team?
Our core team consists of Bas, Hesly, Liza, Romy, Sander and Vincent. We’re friends and whisky lovers and we all bring something else to the table. But, our team doesn’t stop there as we work with various artists and designers for our NFTs. Not to mention all the people that help us grow every day. We consider all of them part of the team too.
Why did you choose whisky?
We all love whisky and there are so many amazing bottles. Not just flavour wise but there are also very creative bottle designs and so many inspiring whisky drinkers. We figured we could create amazing NFTs using all that as inspiration, whilst sharing our love for whisky with the world.
How do I get access to the special events and such?
When you join our Discord, you can level up by completing assignments and each level gets you more perks within our community, such as events. Check our Discord for the levels, assignments and perks.
How can I join your Discord?
Just hit the button “join our discord” and complete the assignment. See you there!
Do you guys have a whitepaper?
We sure have! You can download the whitepaper right away.
More questions
What does “WhiskySafe holder” mean? This is a Discord Role and the same as a NFT holder.
Can I just flip the NFT? You will get some money back in your pocket! But, the value link to the real bottle disappears.
Are you guys alcoholics? That depends on what you define as an alcoholic haha!

a special thanks to

Our partners & supporters

No one accomplishes anything alone. We are very grateful to our family and friends who are helping us along the way. A special shout out to "Passion for Whisky" our partner that is helping us to provide actual value to our NFTs.